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College Affiliate Program



Calling All Beauty Colleges

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Sweet & True Sugaring College Affiliate Partner!

Set your school apart by incorporating sugaring into your curriculum. Request a virtual or in person demo to learn more. We are pleased to customize a program that works best for you and your students. 

What we can offer your school.

Sugaring is a skill set that will ensure economic success in a competitive industry as it is becoming the standard for hair removal. It provides far superior results compared to any other method of epilation. Marketed as a whole skin treatment rather than just hair removal. This skill, when perfected with proper training and performed efficiently, will help your students foster a fiercely loyal clientele and make their time and money more valuable in the industry, therefore making your school program more inclusive and desirable. 

  • Ongoing school demos and instructor support
  • Educational literature to circulate to your students and staff
  • Cross promotions
  • Discounts for your school and attending students
  • More desirable to incoming students
  • Higher success rates for your graduating students

Benefits of being a Body Sugaring Practitioner:

  • 100% Natural. No Chemicals or Resins. No Chemical Solvents for clean up.
  • No Sticks or Strips. 
  • 100% Sanitary-No Double Dipping  
  • No Ingrowns. Little to no irritation
  • Never hot so it will never burn the skin
  • No Lifting - sugaring only adheres to dead skin and hair
  • Longer Lasting, Smoother Results
  • Ideal for the most sensitive skin and areas of the face & body 
  • Less waste. Less mess
  • More profit. Less expense professionally
  • More desirable by employers and clients

For more information or to schedule a free school demo (virtual or in-person) with one of our Elite Educators please email Myra Aviles, Director of Education at